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We are LRS Animation,  we are a collective of three freelance animators, illustrators and video editors whom all share a passion animation and design.


We have years of experience working together, during our time in university we worked on numerous projects together. We graduated with Honours and continued to take on freelance projects together with clients and this is what formulated the idea of LRS Animation.

Our goal is to be upfront, professional and fair for all the work that we do.  We don't want to hide behind a website or brand and hope that you get to know us and give us a message on your ideas!

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Animation & Illustration

Skilled in Character Animation and Illustration, Lyle brings a creative edge to every project and great focus on making every project he works on appealing and full of personality. From Animated toons to Realistic portraits. Lyle will always find the right style for you!


Animation & Motion Graphics

With skills ranging from editing virtual reality video content for clients to creating an augmented reality 2D animation aimed at children for his University honours project, Rowan is incredibly focused and passionate in computer animation & motion.


Animation & Illustration

Combining his skillset in animation and illustration with his passion for charity work, Stuart has created online content for charities and has worked on bringing awareness to the environment through  2D computer animation.



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